“Wellington’s Open Spaces” : Historic Places Wellington (Newsletter 6)

Wellington’s Open Spaces

Our city is well endowed with open spaces and natural areas which are enjoyed by many Wellingtonians. Earlier this year the City Council initiated a review of its policies for open spaces. Historic Places Wellington made a submission to the review, seeking better recognition of the heritage values in these spaces. The review report responded by recommending new actions under the heading:

Need to protect important historic sites within the open-space network, as follows:

3.6.1 Ensure that valuable archaeological sites and historic features are protected from current and future developments (including through the planning process) and are not overly compromised by sport, recreation and environmental activities;

3.6.2 Make our cultural and historic heritage evident in the protection, design and use of open spaces;

3.6.3 Ensure that signs, brochures, websites, apps and other information provide good descriptions of historical and cultural features around our open spaces;

We welcome this enhanced recognition of heritage values, and we will work with the Council to implement them.


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