Updated: “Town Hall to be strengthened” The Dominion Post (Online Article)

"Town Hall to be strengthened" The Dominion Post reports on Councillors voting unanimously to retain the Town Hall.
Radio NZ website  reporting the decision will go to a full Council for a final vote:  "Wellington Town Hall safe from demolition"

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"Town hall: Is it worth a $43m upgrade?" the Dominion Post (Online Article)

"Wellington Historic Places chairman John Daniels backed the mayor, saying the town hall was a vital piece of the city's heritage, a lovely Edwardian building and a keystone of the civic centre" The Dominion Post "Town hall: Is it worth a $43m upgrade?"
The Dominion Post reports on the  reaction to the Councillors being informed of the estimated cost of the earthquake strengthening the Town Hall .\

Morning Report (Radio New Zealand National) "Wellington may demolish Town Hall rather than strengthening"

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