The Second Generation Plan for Dunedin: Preferred Options Phase August 2013 – Dunedin City Council

"We are reviewing the Plan as a whole to fix the parts that are not clear or working properly, to recognise the changes to land use and development within Dunedin, to discourage poor development and to align with changes in national policy guidance.

The review will produce a second generation plan (2GP), which is the second plan prepared under the Resource Management Act 1991. This is a long process with a lot of research and analysis, and input from stakeholders and the community."

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"Currently, we are consulting on the Preferred Options phase – August 2013"

Preferred Options Phase

This phase includes analysis of the consultation feedback so far, including that gained through the Issues and Options Phase, and continued consultation with key stakeholders. The consultation feedback has contributed to the development of preferred options and initial plan provision drafting.

Public consultation on key draft provisions is now be undertaken. This will include a programme of public workshops, the details of which will be made available on this page.

Heritage (Options Phase)

What are the goals for managing built heritage in the Second Generation District Plan (2GP)?

Built heritage is a significant asset to the city, both cultural and economically. The importance of built heritage to the city is recognised in the proposed Strategic Directions for the 2GP, which has an objective that:

Significant items and collections of built heritage are retained, well-maintained, and actively used.

Do you agree with this goal for managing built heritage?

Are there any other goals you think are important?



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