The Greens: A Briefing Note For The Politically Aware Heritage Advocate And Activist

Comment: The following is a quick guide for the politically aware. This is not an endorsement of the Greens but we note they are inclusive and once they make a contact, will ensure you are in their communications loop. The other political parties are not as active …mmm!

The Green's  e-news publications may be of interest to Heritage Advocates and Activists.
The Green Party sends out a weekly e-news called Greenweek. This covers the weeks political issues.
Fairness and Society:
Greens have slotted Heritage in the grouping-Arts Culture and Heritage. This means Heritage issues may be covered in more depth in the Fairness and Society e-news. [This is released fortnightly.]

Greens MPs-
Holly Walker: designated Spokesperson for Arts Culture and Heritage.
Eugenie Sage: Christchurch based and very involved on the ground with Heritage issues and aware of the problems.  [She was a staffer with Forest and Bird, Ex ECAN Councillor and is very knowledgeable of the RMA.]

Comment: As most Heritage Activists and Advocates know from personal experience the RMA looms large. It is more logical that Built Heritage be covered in Green's Environment and Resources e-news. If you know anybody in the Greens, you might like to start the discussion...

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