“Petone Plan Change” Historic Places Wellington (Newsletter 6)

Petone Plan Change

Our May newsletter reported on Historic Places Wellington's submission to Hutt City Council's Plan Change 29, which had been potentially damaging to the Jackson Street heritage retail area. This submission was consistent with about 250 others from local groups and individuals. The Commissioner's final recommendations were accepted by Hutt City Council on 17 September, and then publicly notified on 24 September, upholding the most important points made by community and heritage submitters. Petone Planning Action Group has lodged an appeal that aims to tidy up some technical aspects of the wording in the plan changes as well as seek some further refinement of the associated Design Guide. The mediation process should be able to resolve the appeal. No other appeals have been lodged. Overall, we consider that the whole process has been constructive and satisfactory for community and for heritage.


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