“Overview of Heritage Report Process” MCH Heritge Policy (Team)

Historic Places Aotearoa acknowledges the The MCH Heritage Policy (Team)members who have provided a revised "Overview of Heritge Report Process".

In 2018, Ministers requested the Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH) undertake an assessment of New Zealand’s system for protecting heritage buildings and make recommendations on how to enhance the system.

MCH sought input from heritage stakeholders to prepare the assessment. Feedback was gathered through a Colmar Brunton designed survey and workshops in a number of regional centres. Stakeholders included central and local government, iwi, academics, architects, planners, engineers, advocacy bodies, property owners and developers. A total of 293 individuals and organisations provided feedback.

The enthusiastic response to the Ministry’s outreach highlighted some common concerns. Stakeholders focused on improved regulation, increased funding and enhanced information. Many respondents asked for the Crown to demonstrate best practice in relation to its own heritage properties. Stakeholder feedback indicated strong support for some level of Government intervention to improve the current system.

A draft report based on the stakeholder input and policy analysis was circulated to stakeholders for comment. The finalised report and policy advice was then approved by the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage. This report has informed the Ministry’s heritage protection work programme for 2019.

MCH is currently in the process of determining the most appropriate means of addressing the issues raised in the report.

MCH thanks stakeholders for being involved in 2018, and looks forward to working with them on the next stage of the assessment as policy options are worked up later this year.

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