Manchester Street Bus Super Stop : Historic Places Canterbury Deputation To The C.C.C. Infrastructure, Transport And Environment Committee

The following is the text of the Historic Places Canterbury Deputation to the Christchurch City Council Infrastructure, Transport And Environment Committee.

The text of the Deputation is as follows:

Deputation to the
Christchurch City Council Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee.
3rd September 2015


Deputation by Mark Gerrard, Chair Historic Places Canterbury.


As you are aware Historic Places Canterbury (HPC) is an advocate for the protection, conservation and retention of Christchurch’s and Canterbury’s Heritage. HPC knows that an important part of valuing our Heritage Buildings is ensuring they can be seen and appreciated for the treasures they are!

Proposed Manchester Street Bus Super Stop- Western Side between Hereford and Worcester Streets

(I refer, Councillors , to the Manchester Street elevation used in the Manchester Street owners Deputation presented by Adderley Head.)

Historic Places Canterbury requests that the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee recommend, and the Christchurch City Council resolve, to move the proposed Manchester Street Bus Super Stop located on the Western Side between Hereford and Worcester Streets to the current Bus Stop which is situated, between Worcester and Gloucester Street. (This is as originally proposed and signed off by the Council.)

A workable solution would be for the proposed Super Stop locations to be swapped so the Super Stop for buses going to the Bus Interchange will be situated across the road from the Trinity and Shands Buildings.

Historic Places Canterbury is strongly opposed to the CCC Staff Recommendation to place the (three) Bus Super Stop directly in front of Shands and partially obscuring the Trinity Church.

Most reasonable Christchurch Residents would see this proposed location as a gross visual imposition that blights the heritage delights of these special treasures.

HPC asks that this Committee (and Christchurch City Council) be mindful in their decision making of those individuals and companies, such as Christchurch Heritage Ltd, who are committed to invest significant resources to conserve our Heritage Buildings, and ensure that no structures are erected in the public space that detracts the residents and future generations from enjoying these unique treasures!

HPC notes driving down Manchester Street to the River the proposed Super Stop obstructs a clear view of the Trinity Church.

The accompanying letters attached to this Deputation from Historic Places Canterbury and the Christchurch Civic Trust succinctly articulates this view. (Submitted to the Hearing Panel.)


Historic Places Canterbury:

“We accept the desirability of encouraging greater use of public transport and recognise that the provision of super bus stops with sheltered waiting areas is likely to encourage more people to use the bus service. However, it is difficult to conceive of a more insensitive location than this proposed site. In a city which has seen a massive loss of heritage buildings, particularly within the CBD, a proposal to locate a super stop in front of a pair of two of our most important remaining heritage buildings is difficult to understand.

Trinity Congregational is a Group 1 listed building in the City Plan and a Category 1 building on the Heritage New Zealand list.Shand's Emporium … Although the building will no longer be on its original site, we applaud the intention to preserve and make use of this important and unique surviving example of an early timber commercial building. It is a Group 2 building in the city plan and a Category 1 building on the Heritage New Zealand list.” Shands is the oldest commercial building left in the central city.


Christchurch Civic Trust:

"The Christchurch Civic Trust has become aware of the decision of the Christchurch Heritage Trust to restore two major listed heritage buildings on Manchester Street, namely Trinity Congregational Church and Shand's Emporium,  which we applaud, but is alarmed to learn that there is a plan in progress by the Christchurch Central Development Unit to locate an intrusive bus stop in front of both of these buildings."

"In the inner city where the number of heritage buildings in now at a premium all effort should be made to ensure that each and everyone is given the prominence it deserves."


Historic Places Canterbury wishes to draw the Committee’s attention to the unique set of existing buildings and the proposed buildings that are to be constructed between Hereford and Worcester Streets.
As you will be aware this set of buildings are unique to Manchester Street, which has suffered from extensive earthquake related demolitions.
The new proposed buildings are in scale with the existing and one owner has chosen to use stone as a cladding to complement the Trinity Church.
As you can see the Proposed (Three) Bus Super Stop I have been referring to will visually compromise this unique collection. HPC submits this is not a rewarding outcome for the sites owners, who I am sure you will agree, have made a real effort to ensure their proposed designs are in context with their neighboring heritage buildings.

HPC notes that the CCC Staff are quoted in the media as referring to this as a “Bus Stop” implying it is similar to those located in the suburbs. This is a three bus super stop where 600 people will use it in peak hour, 38 bus movements (one way) and a maximum of 120 passengers will be waiting. The Buses stopped and passengers waiting are an intrinsic part of the proposal that appear to have been omitted in the visuals accompanying the Staff Reports.

Councillors, Thank you for listening to this Deputation.

Mark Gerrard Chair Historic Places Canterbury
021 1575 043

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