“Holiday fun on offer at Highwic” Heritage New Zealand Media Release (04.04.2017)

Highwic coal range volunteers in action…
(Image source HNZ Media Release)

Holiday fun on offer at Highwic

Highwic in Auckland is once again home to a great range of fun activities for children these school holidays.

On 19 April (11am to 4pm) a ‘Fly a kite’ event is planned where paper kites will be made.  Besides the kite making activity (suitable for school-age children over five years), there is an Easter Bunny Treasure Hunt in the house and gardens and other activities for children to do as they look around the house.

Baking Easter Treats will be the focus on April 20 when Highwic’s beautifully restored coal range will be fired up, and kids will be able to make some Easter treats during three different sessions (11am, 12.30pm and 2pm).

‘Semaphore Signals’ will be the theme on 26 April (11am to 3pm), where children can make their own set of semaphore flags, then practice sending messages. Semaphore was used by sailors to communicate from ship to ship before the invention of the radio.

Rounding off the holiday fun on 27 April (11am, 12.30pm and 2pm) will be an opportunity to fire up Highwic’s coal range again for children to make their own ANZAC biscuits – just like their great-grandparents did during the First World War.

“Make these holidays a unique or different experience for your children by visiting Highwic,” says Property Manager Cheryl Laurie.

“As well as being just a lot of fun, they are also educational.  It’s a great way for children to spend some time with other friends or they can make new ones during the day.”

For more details on these events – including cost and booking details – contact Highwic on (09) 524 5729 or email highwiceducation@heritage.org.nz.Holiday

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