Historic Places Tairawhiti: Matiti Pa Walk And Tour Report

Historic Place Tairawhiti has posted a report on their "Matiti Pa walk and tour" on the HPA Facebook page.


The Gisborne Herald also reported on the walk and tour:

For those who do have Facebook, the following is the text of the Facebook report (minus the images): 

The tour held last Sunday organised by Historic Places Tairawhiti was a huge success with more than 50 people cliinged the steep slopes to Matiti Pa, Muriwai to hear some of the history of Ngai Tamanuhiri people and enjoy the panoramic views.
On their descent to the Wairakaia woolshed, they heard stories of the first Europeans to farm the Maraetaha block, starting with James Woodbine Johnson in 1869.
From the first of two pa sites once occupied by Tamanuhiri himself, Robin (Nuna) Wyllie talked about the names of the many bays and fishing grounds between Kopututea, south of Midway Beach, through to Whareongaonga and beyond.
Mr Wyllie talked about some of the delicacies of Maori cuisine, including shark’s liver, dried shark “jerky” and rotten or fermented crayfish.
He and former Wairakaia landowner Rodney Faulkner pointed out the numerous large kumara pits, the traditional gardens on the lower slopes, the places of habitation at the first and second pa levels, and remaining karaka trees — usually planted near a pa site.
Mr Faulkner talked about the European settlement and farming from the time of James Woodbine Johnson through to today’s shared ownership and management of Wairakaia by Robert and Sandra Faulkner, and Jo and Bruce Graham.

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