Historic Places Hawkes Bay Submission To Resource Consent Application – Re: Former Soldiers Club in Napier

historic_places_hawkes_bay_logoThe NZHPT Registration Number is: 9967 Napier Soldiers' Club (Former)
(Link to NZHPT Registration -) http://www.historic.org.nz/TheRegister/RegisterSearch/RegisterResults.aspx?RID=9967

The Dominion Post has an article online: "Residents take a dim view of apartment plan"

The following is the text of the Historic Places Hawke's Bay Submission.


10 October 2013


Jason Kaye                                        Copies to:      Alison Dangerfield, NZHPT

Planning Dept                                                                      Byron Duncan

Napier City Council

Private Bag 6010



Submission to Resource Consent Application No 120128.  Lotus (Marine Parade) Ltd for the erection of a Multi Unit Development at 31-35 & 39 Marine Parade adjacent to the former Soldiers’ Club Building


1.         While we understand that this development could be controversial in terms of possible infringements to the District Plan we wish to comment only on heritage aspects of the proposal with particular reference to proposed alterations to the former Soldiers’ Club building as follows;


2.         We note that the former Soldiers Club building has a Category I listing on the Register of the NZ Historic Places Trust.  We are disturbed to learn that following this listing the building has yet to be placed on the List of Heritage Items in Appendix 13 of the District Plan. It would therefore appear that this important heritage building has very little statutory protection.  We urge the Council to urgently add this building to the above list.  We also seek confirmation from the Council as to if and when this listing might be completed.


3.         We note that the developer is proposing to demolish part of the Soldiers’ Club building to make way for the multi unit development next door.  While there is always concern about partial demolition of a registered building we agree in this case that the removal of the later addition to the north side of the building, returning it to the original design might in fact enhance the appearance and heritage value of the building.



4.         We are most anxious to ensure that the proposed demolition of the added accommodation wing and the restoration of the North wall of the building to its original design is fully completed as a condition of the resource consent.  We further suggest that the design and restoration work on the North wall is fully approved by NZ Historic Places Trust.


5.         We congratulate the owner on the proposals to restore the roof cladding of the Soldiers’ Club building to its original tiled finish, to restore the chimneys to their original design and  to rebuild and reglaze the clerestory.  It would appear that this work is probably not essential to the proposed structural alterations but will certainly enhance the appearance and heritage value of the building.  Once again we recommend that these alterations are approved by NZ Historic Places Trust.


6.         Given that the redevelopment will improve the appearance of the building and make it more attractive to prospective tenants we would like to suggest to the owner that balcony addition on the South side of the road frontage could also be upgraded. The balcony is a desirable feature from the inside of the building but is externally unsightly.  We suggest that the balcony could be changed from triangular to rectangular and refinished to better match the lines of the building and that the sub structure to ground level be tidied up.  Further comment by NZ Historic Places Trust on this suggestion would also be of value.


In Conclusion we look forward to seeing then proposed changes to the former Soldiers’ Club building completed which will undoubtedly enhance the streetscape on the Marine Parade both in terms of appearance and heritage value.  We also look forward to the Council taking the necessary steps to strengthen the statutory protection of the building.



Yours faithfully


Denis Pilkington


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