Historic Places Canterbury Public Forum Presentation to Christchurch City Council (30:03:2022)

30th March 2022

Chair, Mayor and Councillors, Thank you for allowing 

Historic Places Canterbury to make this Public Forum presentation.

Historic Places Canterbury (HPC) as you will be aware has expressed our concerns with the report on the Upper Riccarton War Memorial Library.

They were briefly the following:

HPC could not find a Heritage Assessment from the Heritage Team.

We could find no reference to the CCC Strategy “Our Heritage Our Taonga”.

Lack of Public Engagement.

Recently, I made a personal Deputation to the Waikura Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board concerning the recommended demolition of the Woodham Park Caretaker's Residence. My Deputation raised the same three criticisms as HPC raised on the Upper Riccarton War Memorial Library report. The Community Board resolved for the report to lay on the table whilst a Heritage Assessment is done and Public Engagement on the future of the building is sought.

HPC is very concerned there may be a pattern that if a building is not listed or scheduled then “Our Heritage Our Taonga” does not apply nor should advice or input from the CCC Heritage Team be sought.

If this is the case, HPC believes this is contrary to Our Heritage Our Taonga. HPC considers it should be the CCC default setting, and the Staff should be proactive on this, that if there is a decision to be made on a building which has a social history or heritage, no matter how minor, whatever its District Plan status, Our Heritage Our Taonga applies and Heritage Team advice and input should be sought. This advice/ input should be sought very early in the CCC processes.

HPC seeks your support for this.

HPC is concerned Public Engagement priority is determined by the early decision making made leading up to the final report. HPC considers where practical Public Engagement should occur early on in the CCC processes to determine if there is community interest in the future of a building. 

HPC seeks your support for this.

The greenest buildings is the one that already exists. (Publication:"There's No Place like Old Homes. Re-use and recycle to reduce carbon" Historic England.)

HPC respectfully requests the CCC and its entities should adopt Whole of Life Carbon Cycle Costs when costing its buildings. Any comparison between refurbishment of an existing and demolishing / building new should include these costs. (The demolition costs should include end of life costings.)

HPC has an interest in the future of the Barnett Avenue Pensioner Cottages, the Council's first and New Zealand's first Council elderly housing. HPC has the expectation the Heritage Team should be consulted on their Heritage significance.

HPC seeks your support that for any financial calculations relating to any decisions on the future of the Barnett Ave Cottages include Whole of Life Carbon Cycle Costs for both refurbishment and demolition/new build (the demolition costs the include end of life costings).

Thank you for listening to this Public Forum presentation.

Mark Gerrard

Chair Historic Places Canterbury

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