HIstoric Places Canterbury Chair’s Christmas Email To Members

Greetings Heritage Advocates, Activists and Supporters

What a way to finish the year with the great news of the Peterborough Centre!

(And that the Christ Church Cathedral is still there!)

I trust this email finds you in a place where you can enjoy the company of family and friends this Christmas and holiday break. It is has been a very busy year for Historic Places Canterbury members and Committee.

The Historic Places Committee has been very busy this year and our members have helped us with every endeavor and for this, we are very grateful for your support. To every member who turned up at a public meeting, wrote a letter or "bent" someones ear on Heritage etc - "Thank You".

I would on your behalf, take this opportunity to "Thank" the Committee who worked hard as a group and as individuals and who were involved in numerous events and meetings etc. This was often a thankless task when we consider how many buildings have been needlessly lost because of indifference. However, the Heritage Lobby is relentless as witnessed by the letters, meetings, protests, rallies, petitions, submissions and the Court Case.

We are currently putting together the second edition of Lintel the Historic Places Canterbury newsletter.

Early next year (and this will be news to the overworked Committee) we will be holding our first (of many) Historic Places Canterbury Member's event!

I recommend you keep regularly checking the Canterbury Page at www.historicplacesaotearoa.org.nz. We keep it up to date with the very latest Heritage news!

Al the best for 2013 and we will be in touch.

Kind Regards

Mark Gerrard
Historic Places Canterbury

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