“Exposure draft for the Natural and Built Environments Act” Has Been Released (29 June 2021)

The RMA Reform Exposure Draft has been released.

Details etc can be found at the following link:

The Ministry of the Environment has the following explanation:

"About the exposure draft for the Natural and Built Environments Act 

The proposed Natural and Built Environments Act (NBA) will be the main replacement for the Resource Management Act (RMA) once enacted. It is central to the reform of the resource management system.

The Government has released an exposure draft of the NBA. The exposure draft is being presented  to Parliament and then referred to a select committee inquiry process."

"Opportunities for public feedback

There will be two opportunities for public feedback on the NBA as part of select committee processes.

"First opportunity for public feedback

The first opportunity will be as part of the initial select committee inquiry into the exposure draft of the NBA. This will be an open and transparent way for the public to have an early say on this key legislation. 

The select committee inquiry is expected to take around three months to examine the draft legislation. The Environment Committee will call for the public to make submissions at the beginning of July and it is your chance to present your opinions, observations, and recommendations about the key aspects of the bill.    

The select committee inquiry will report its findings back to the House and these will inform further policy development on the reform.

Other components of the legislation that were not developed for the exposure draft will be considered by the Ministerial Oversight Group in the second half of 2021 before being included in the full bill. 

Second opportunity for public feedback

The second opportunity will be when the full NBA bill is introduced to Parliament, along with the Strategic Planning Act bill, in early 2022. It is intended these bills will be enacted this parliamentary term. 

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