The CODC District Plan Schedule 19.4: Register of Heritage Buildings, Places, Sites & Objects and Notable Trees is to be reviewed and revised over the next two years as part of the District Plan review to be completed before 2018.
The Central Otago Heritage Trust, which is the lead heritage organisation in developing a heritage strategy for Central Otago has undertaken to review how Schedule 19.4 should be drawn together. Historic Places Central Otago (your organisation) is one of the organisations that make up the COHT and we have undertaken to look at how the heritage schedule is put together and what is suitable for inclusion after developing the appropriate criteria.

A subcommittee of David White (COHT/HPCO), Graye Shattky (COHT), John Angus (HPCO), and Nick Taylor (HPCO) is charged with this task.
The committee has had one meeting so far. Our next move is to have a meeting with Jonathon Howard, the new area manager for Heritage New Zealand in Otago/Southland on 2 July, to see, inter alia, what assistance HNZ might be able to provide. In the meantime Central Otago District Council has asked us put a moratorium on the work until the heritage aspects of the Regional Policy Statement of the Otago Regional Council are completed and the CODC has considered its implication in regard to its heritage responsibilities.

We will advise further progress when we know more precisely how Schedule 19.4 will be expected to uphold the preservation of significant heritage in our region.

David White
Chair Historic Places Central Otago

The above article appeared in the following: Historic Places Central Otago Newsletter July 2014

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