Deputation From Historic Places Canterbury To The CCC Community Committee (11th Feb 2014)

The following is the text of a Deputation made to the  CCC Community  Committee on the 11th Feb 2014.  Areas covered Majestic Theatre, New Regent Street Digital Experience, CCC host a Minister Finlayson heritage speech and the Public Trust building.

Deputation to the Christchurch City Council Community Committee by Historic Places Canterbury. (11th February 2014)


Thank you for this opportunity to make this Deputation.

1.  Request the Christchurch City Council (C.C.C.) investigate/ scope the development of a New Regent Street Digital Experience similar to the "Hight Street Stories" put together by New Zealand Historic Places Trust. (Web site and a downloadable Android App featuring the social history of High Street.)

2.  Request the C.C.C. run a Workshop for Heritage Advocates on the CERA Draft Heritage Recovery Program.
Note: Just before the Deputation the CCC Heritage Team Leader agreed to run the workshop so the Deputation verbal request was adjusted to "Thank the Councillors for the Workshop".

3.  Request the C.C.C. invite/host Minister Finlayson to give a heritage speech  (working subject) “Heritage: What we have learned from the Christchurch Quakes.”

4.  Majestic Theatre Update: Request for a briefing / update of the C.C.C. meetings/ correspondence with CERA /CCDU re Majestic Theatre meetings etc. Brief the Council on our attempts to secure a meeting with Roger Sutton/ Warwick Issacs.

5.  Public Trust Building and the issuing of a Section 38: Historic Places Canterbury draws your attention to the concerns raised in the Letter to Editor from Dr. Ian Lochhead.Historic Places Canterbury requests, that as a CERA recognised Stakeholder (and as the elected representatives of Christchurch residents), the C.C.C. actively pursue the retention of this very important  listed building.

Letter to Press From Dr. Ian Lochhead ( Image of letter taken from Press )

Letter to Press From Dr. Ian Lochhead ( Image of letter taken from Press )

Thank you for receiving this Deputation.

Mark Gerrard
Chair Historic Places Canterbury
39 Melrose Street

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