Historic Places Central Otago’s “Old Dunstan Road Tour” 13th April (2014)

Hist Places Central Otago logoWe invite you to participate and enjoy the original Dunstan Trail over the “Mountain Track” on Sunday 13 April.

This is a unique opportunity to traverse four private sheep stations and follow the original route that the early pioneers took to travel to Central Otago in search of gold. We will follow in exactly the same tracks that the wagons went over and get some idea of the hardships and obstacles they faced.

We will be accompanied by Grahame Sydney, who will have available signed copies of his wonderful book, ‘Promised Land’ and he will be narrating some of the anecdotal history along the trail. (more…)

“Halls face shaky future” Otago Daily Times (Online Article :15th March 2014)

"  Communities risk losing their histories if they choose to knock down old halls, Historic Places Central Otago chairman David White says.
''A lot of these old halls were memorial halls, built after the First World War,'' Mr White said.   ..."

“Re-wire on a Hayes Roast!” NZHPT Media Release (10th October 2013)

HAY001 poster"In partnership with Vivace Coffee, the NZHPT asked third generation artisan master roaster Bernard Smith to develop a blend of three original coffee beans that best emulated the strength of the site, the body of the ‘big skies’ Central Otago landscape and the sweetness of its sun overhead."

The Media release is as follows: (more…)

A Successful Event.Thank You For Your Support!!! A Historic Places Central Otago Heritage Tour Of The Northburn Gold Diggings, Bendigo Station And Lindis River Area

 An Invitation To Join Historic Places Central Otago On A Heritage Tour Of  The Northburn Gold Diggings, Bendigo Station And  Lindis River Area on Sunday 13 OctoberCentral-Otago-Purple-logoAn Invitation to join Historic Places Central Otago on a Heritage tour of  the Northburn gold diggings, Bendigo Station and Lindis River area on Sunday 13 October

Tour starts at 9am at the Big Fruit on SH8B at Cromwell
BYO Lunch at Lindis Hotel ruins

On behalf of the committee of Historic Places Central Otago we welcome you to attend a guided tour of the Northburn, Bendigo and Lindis River area and finishing the day with a relaxed wine tasting at the Tarras Country Café. (more…)